Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Happy Journey...

Of late, every KSRTC ( Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation ) journey between Bangalore and Thrissur is becoming a story of it's own. Though it never keep timing, economy and comfort reasons made it my choice. When private buses charges Rs. 500 to Thrissur, KSRTC will make you poor only by 320. The buses are much neater and hardly ( only once, that too only two bugs ) bed-bug infested. While private buses will drive rash, KSRTC drivers won't ride fast, will slow down for humps and potholes, comfort level is also high. But their 3 breaks and not in a hurry to reach attitude will take at least 2 hours more. So the choice is yours, time or comfort and economy.

Last sunday ( Feb 28 ), the bus came 20 mins late. It was good, because in fact, I reached Thrissur almost 15 mins late ;). But as usual or just being KSRTC, they were not at all in a hurry and was taking their sweet time to check the tickets, cracking jokes and all. Then came the jackpot for the conductor. One guy was carrying photocopy and not the original driving licence. Seeing it the happy conductor told him, he will not be alloweded inside without original ( as per the rule. The other rule about timing they will break happily). After a long fight and the guy's friend managed to get the licence in between the fight, the journey started.

But there were more to come. Just after we crossed the Valayar checkpost, there were some folks, look like tribal were on road protesting about something. They were all carrying long bamboo sticks and all and were howling. I thought they are going to hijack us ( then you might get another story here !!! ). But it was just a possession and after almost one and a half hour we continued the journey.

Still, the driver was in no hurry and took two coffee breaks on way. When the transport secretary came to know that KSRTC bus is causing a lot of accidents, and thinking it might be due to the continuous driving, he suggested them to take breaks in between and I guess this guys are overdoing it.The bus was so slow that even the heavy trucks overtook us.

We reached Bangalore a good two and and a half hour late. Thank God my manager believed this story, Afterall, she also is a KSRTC traveller at times...

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