Saturday, March 6, 2010

Theory Of Relationship

When you meet someone new, you will find him/her attractive and there starts a relation.
When it is being built, at one point ego will come to picture, ego of both.
It may grow distance or break-up.
Then, you will think and realise how good it was with him / her and start weeping over it.
It will be the same case with the other too.
You will be dying to patch up, to say sorry.
One day you will at last make the courage to say sorry and straighten things.
Both of you will come closer than ever before and will live happily ever after....

This is my theory of relation.
A friend or colleague, with anybody this could be true.

Remember, everything depends on the time taken to realise the worth and to patch up.
Make sure it will not be too late to correct...
Good Luck


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