Saturday, March 13, 2010

Helping Husband

I was helping mom cleaning fish and prawns in the morning.When my sister called I was not able to pick the call and she was teasing me that I was preparing to be a good helping husband.
In fact, that is not a bad idea, is it ???

I grew up seeing my dad helping mom at kitchen. Being working couple, they needed to share the kitchen and the task of taking care of me and my sister. I am sure, being the 'good' kids we were, they must have had enough fun getting us ready for school every morning ! And if my dad won't help in the kitchen, mom won't be able to catch the 8:30 bus. I remember dad taking us to school in his Hero Jet ( the best vehicle I've ever been on, his cycle ).

Come back to the helping point. Is it really bad helping wife in kitchen ???? Being bachelor I used to share chores with my roomies. So whats the big deal..

There is an interesting point to add to this. When I offer help to my wife, she will deny ( I do hope ) me to do anything that may dirty me ( like cleaning the fish ). I might need to do an occasional vegetable cutting or washing glasses ( my mom begged me not to help her with vegetables and washing. She says, I cut each of them in different sizes and she will have to make them similar sizes to make sure all of it cooks well and that is a greater job than cutting them fresh. Also, if I help her washing I will flood the kitchen and that is much more of a chore. Nobody appreciate my sincere efforts, you see....).

Ok, so my wife will make me do only simple things. And may be I will be able to manage with 'oral' support. Just be in the kitchen and say 'there is an art in the way you cut the vegetables', or 'you wash the glass to sparkle' or 'only you can cook the dish to this perfect aroma' or whatever. She will be happy and finish all the kitchen work fast.

See, by simply be at the kitchen and do some lip exercise and spending time there, I can make sure we will get more time out of kitchen. I can hear you say 'Bravo bro...'. Thank you. Now it is time for you to wish me good luck and wish all my dream come true...

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