Sunday, April 18, 2010

KEEP AWAY From The Movie Paathshaala

I went for this movie yesterday and was terribly disappointed. Why did they made this movie...

There was a lot of things to mislead one. First being the promo song in TV. DO NOT mistake this for a funny children movie watching that song. Or the crisp choreographer Ahmed Khan is the writer of this movie should also not set the expectations.

The happy movie expectation will die the moment the credit rolls in the beginning. The newspaper cuttings of student suicide and the reality shoe cruelties will give an idea what the movie is about ( wish they show that in the trailers )

The movie basically tells ( or preach ) that education should not ever be a business, it is like a noble profession where the profit is the good future of the students and not how much money the teachers or management make. Also it tried to handle the pressure the kids are going through to make the name of the school high. Ooppss...

Wait a minute, didn't 3 Idiots try to show the issues with the current education system... But they got it right. The Paathshaala guys should first get themselves educated about it.

Shahid, Nana Patekar, Ayesha nobody has nothing to do other than setting scene for the preachy director / writer. The introduction scene of Shahid will definitely make the audience think that he is going to change the system all by himself. But the movie didn't give any indication of that. In the end title, with Shahid's picture the director tells that every school needs a teacher like him. For what... I don't know.

Miss the movie for good. It is not even worth for watching in DVD.


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