Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Just Had An Art Today....

Today I had haircut. It was very different... The one who did the cut was not a barber or hairdresser. He was an artist.

He asked me how I wanted my haircut be. I never was choosy or considerate about the way my hair looks. I mean, it never looked good, so I never bothered to correct it either. Still, to say something I asked him to cut it short, but leave some in the front to cover my ever growing forehead ;)

He started the work. He will plan for two second, cut a few hairs and then will take a break to plan next cut. And in between he will keep on clicking the scissors. He had three variety of scissors and two combs. He just shuffled them every minute. After few cuts, he will lean back and will check how his 'art' shaping up. In the middle, he gave the comb and asked me to check whether it is the way I want it. I was totally confused and told him yes it is ok. He was not satisfied and kept on cutting for some more time.

After coming home I tried various way to comb my hair to see whether there was anything special he did !!! But didn't find any :) Let me see what my friends say...


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