Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost...

Yup, my friend has come from Mumbai. And it was a tedious but fulfilling time for me from then...

He is the first visitor to my room. Though one of my friend promised his visit, for many reason it never happened. And I was living happily in the never dusted, never moped room of mine all my own. A visitor is like a red alarm. I needed to at least show him that my room is not very bad. So I was charged in the Saturday morning on a mission : Clean the room.

I started with the laundry, arranged cup-boards ( trust me it was too difficult to arrange my shirts and books and all the other stuff there. Good thing was that I found my lost shirt deep hiding ). The dusting and moping part was next. And that was something I seldom does too. Dusting I will do once a month ( this month was already due ) and only once in the six months I ever tried to mop my house. With all the difficulty and dedication I did it. Then came the bathroom. I cleaned the floor, closet and was taking bath and found that the bathroom door is shabby. I poured water and used the detergent and brushed it clean. I was checking to see how the other side looks and found with a shock that all the water I washed the door was in my hall !
It was literally drowning. OK, I got it. Life is not letting me having things easily. I stepped down and cleaned all the water from hall and continue my bath.

His flight landed late and I need to receive him at 12:30 in the night. Poor chap was very tired and fall asleep almost instantly. There was a purpose for his visit. He is been transferred to Bangalore ( so did his wife ), and need to find a house that too today.

Today it was another funny day. We woke up around 9:30 ( my friend was in deep sleep and I didn't want to wake him up ), and after having breakfast went to do the home hunting. It was tiring, totally frustrating. The sun was hotter than any other day and we were in the sun almost all the day at 36.7 degrees. But we did find the house in our budget. It was a good spacious one and the landlord also was fine.

Then comes the things to fill in house. Furniture, TV, fridge, washing machine, the kitchen utensils, masala, toiletries, everything was purchased and delivered. Now he went to pick his wife. I am sure she will be happy to see our efforts. :)

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  1. U have made it happen!!!! Thanks a lot my Friend. Hope to see u often from now....