Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fear Of Failure

How many times in life we were in a situation where our thoughts confused us... We are in a situation when we are not sure about ourself. Will I be able to do it right.. Do I have the information / talent / capability to complete it... Will I be able to do it to a point to be accepted by all...

And in how many of such situation, just with the gut feeling you went ahead and did the thing. Even surprising yourself with the result....

I have only one rule when I face such a situation - try it. Even if I feel like the chances of completing it is less, just for the adrenaline rush I will go ahead ( that doesn't mean I will jump from the terrace of one building to next, this is more about the choices I need to make in daily life ). Most often I will be surprised to find a way to overcome the one last hurdle which stopped me initially.

In the book The Pilgrimage, author Paulo Coelho writes that - Once the problem is solved, it's simplicity is amazing. That is very true.

What we most often does is due to the fear of failure, which takes the best of our mind, we decide to quit. Even before trying it. Without making even a small step. Please do not do that.

There may be times when we need to talk to someone about an issue. We know that we are right. But due to the fear about how the other person will take it or that might open up a fight, often we withdraw ourself from the cause. Give a try. Try to make it less direct. If the other person shows interest and try to know deep into the issue, elaborate. May be because of the way we present, there could be chances that our voice been heard and the issue is resolved. And that chance is lost when we chose to live with the issue than raising it.

So what have you decided now...

PS : If you find this preachy, I am sorry :)


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