Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Promise I Will Remain Silly

I often been named / teased / 'tortured'  silly. Too silly to live in today's world. Not at all serious about life. All I bothered about is to spend time making jokes and dreaming. You will not survive a day on your own.

What's the matter guys... I may not be thinking / living like you, or most out there. Will that make me a fool ? I may not follow what is the right thing to do at any time, written by the world. I may not do all the things everybody else does, because they are conditioned / told / taught to do so. And the things I do, I may not do it the way everyone else thinks appropriate. Will that make me crazy / unfit for today ??
I would like to differ here. It is not intentional not to follow the folk. But most of the times, what I feel right differs from the lot. I enjoy doing it my way. Whether I succeed or not, I enjoy taking the walk on my path. If you find it foolish, you may not come with me. But never ever tell me to stop.
Morning my friend told me, she was told, the one she will marry should be stupid ! I told her, the world can not tolerate to see her with a smile and song on her lips all the time. As the world is too busy planning the future, safeguard their wealth, focusing on career growth, it forgets to reflect the moment and enjoy this, today. ( Hopefully they will get the relaxed tomorrow they plan today! ) More than that the world can not tolerate her being happy today. That's why they call her silly, stupid.

Hope she will not change. And I will not change myself either. I will definitely do all the things I enjoy, though everybody calls them silly ;)


  1. this post reminds me of a quote that goes; Being in love is having that person and simply being stupid together, stupidly happy, stupidly in love. I cant remember the actual quote but it meant something like that.

  2. tell your friend that to tell like this "my husband is stupid,because he married a stupid".
    Ha ha ha ha.Only for closer one we can call a stupid.That menas she is loving & expecting him that much.