Monday, April 12, 2010

I Am Scared...

I am scared to talk to you

I am scared I may hurt you again

I know I told the things I should have never told

I know it hurt you deep

I am ashamed about it

I do wish I can turn the time back to set the things right

Now when you are in front of me I am scared

I am scared that the devil within me will surface and hurt you again

Tell the things I never meant

And make you hurt and cry

I know you like me

I always like the way you care for me

I know I am safe when you are around

I like you too...

And now I am scared I might hurt you again, hurt you more

I know I want you back

I want to set everything right

I am ready to accept any punishment you give

All I need is you, the way you always be

I am sorry

Wish I never said that


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