Monday, October 11, 2010

The Magic That Is Endhiran

I liked everything about the movie Endhiran ( The Robot in Hindi ). After watching it I became a bigger fan of Shankar and Rajnikant. Man, those guys are awesome ! When the much-hyped movies like Raavanan, Kites failed to make an impression, Endhiran came with bigger hype and it turned out to satisfied everybody. That was an understatement, everybody was thrilled about that movie!

It was the first time I saw such a response at the theater in Bangalore. Though it was a Tamil movie, and was released a week before, the shows were houseful. Though they got vast parking for bikes, this time I needed to park all the way back. I didn't have my usual coffee before movie, because the huge crowd around the coffee shop didn't let me reach the counter. I didn't make it to the loo in the interval, which will say it all! All around were Rajni's posters and banners. Interestingly, there were pictures of Kannada movie association guys wishing good luck for the movie. That was interesting…

I hope both Rajnikant and Aiswarya will not stop acting. Rajni was as dynamic as he always been and after watching Raavanan and Endhiran I guess Aiswarya came now. She is at the highest of her acting. Please do not leave screen. May be after the baby, you can come back like Kajol did ;)

There was some let down. I watched it in a multiplex. Wish it was a single screen theatre with some real fans… It would have been more of a treat then.. Though the 'civilised' crowd at the multiplex too at times gave into the temptation of whistling and howling.

Go watch the movie in theater itself. It is worth. I got much more to tell about the movie and the music. Check those links… ;)


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