Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why So Serious...

Yesterday, the guy at the mess was very serious. He was lost in thought that he didn't see me coming. And when I wished him, his head turned. Though his eyes saw me, it failed to recognise me. I asked him why so serious, all he said was, we should get serious sometime.

True. Very true. We need to be serious. But do we need to remain so.. I doubt. We should never be in the serious mood for long. Especially if we end up thinking about the same stuff again and again in a circle, and not able to get out of it. We should stop thinking, should stop being serious. Only if our thoughts are flying, like one leading to the other and to the next, it is justified.

What if the situation is such that it demands us to be serious for long... Get help. When your thinking ends up in a circle, take the help of somebody. May be he/she can break the circle and get the thoughts lead in a new direction. After all, the point of being serious is to get over a difficult situation. If one is fall short of solving it, make it two.

So what you decide now.. How long you want to be serious ;)


  1. So very true; sometimes you need to be serious, to get serious, to get ureself up and working, to get ureself in a certain discipline but within that period of seriousness, being playful and carefree would just magnify the feeling of relaxation and joy u would normally obtain from playfulness, it is appreciated, by us and by the people we interact with, when one day, we break it up a little, break it into a smile :-)

    Stay serious, but do it smiling!
    Another lovely post, just got from uni and all I thought of was my blogging, my readers and the blogs I love to read!

  2. As usual your comment outshone the post ;) Wondering how it made you think that much !!! Thank you dear...

    Remember to remain serious only as much it demands. Have fun with brain ;)