Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Love This City !

Yesterday on my way back from work, I met a girl in  Scooty. We were waiting for signal. Then I heard a humming, rather loud. She was singing without giving a damn about the world around  her. And the world around her - gives no attention to her either.

I like this about this city. You can be yourself. You can sing, shout, dance, laugh, cry, kiss anything on the streets and others are not going to stop you. They will not give you 'what are you doing' look or will not comment on you either. They pretend like you don't exist !

I like it that way. You may call it the city culture, which is so selfish that it is not bothered. Is it ?? Not at all. When you are in need, like you fell from bike, there will be people to help you. If you are lost, there will be people to guide you home. But they value your privacy, your life - your way.

Often I end up thinking why should others be so interested about my life. What I am wearing. Why I smile on the streets. If I do, I got the reason, why are you expecting an explanation ??? I will do what I feel like, and I am not bothered about how you are going to take it. Please let me be myself.

I am part of the crowd. Still, I am me. Leave me my own. Please...


  1. "B" Keep ur good thinkings,some one having a mask in crowd places.Only few people will get the freedom to live what they want..

  2. You can sing, shout, dance, laugh, cry, kiss.....I THINK YOU CAN PUT A FULL STOP HERE..NOT anything ON THE STREET YA..