Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please Spare A R Rahman From The CWG Controversy..

Poor Rahman. The media and the CWG officials are screaming Rahman didn't do justice to the theme song. He shouldn't have received any money for composing the song. He should have made it better. Now as the song is not upto the mark, he should redo it. He took the assignment very lightly that the song is just a remake of his old songs.

Give me a break.

Rahman might have never asked for the chance to do the song, did he ? And when the assignment was given to him, the committee would be confident that he is capable of it. Before performing the song in the unveiling function, he did give a preview to the committee. If they were not satisfied with the song then, why did they wait for the function to show their disappointment ? This is just a crap.

For the money part, if Pandit Ravi Shankar didn't charge anything, whats the deal. His team was only 3 members and Rahman's troupe is of 40 musicians. And has he had to ask them not to get paid or their effort... All those 6 months they spent for the song should go just like that... Leave all those part, for a games, where 15K TV was hired for 22K, will this matter....

If you argue, O Yaaro is not popular as Maa Tujhe Salaam, you are forgetting one thing. Before Rahman presented that song at the Independence day celebrations, its video was in all channels. The beautiful video did help in the popularity. Rahman is not a performer. We can not expect his singing to do what the Maa Tujhe Salaam video did. Even Vakka Vakka came with a sweet video ;)

Sometime back, when Michael Jackson came up with the song We Are The World with collaboration of noted singers of that time, it was a rage. People celebrated it. It went on to became the largest selling single of all time. Recently, co-writer of the song, Lionel Richie said that the song was a crap and was too shallow... Why did he took such a long time to came with such a statement... Guess something like that happened to the CWG theme song too. 

Rahman, please do not modify it, the committee doesn't deserve it.


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