Friday, September 17, 2010

Respect Elders, But NOT Everyone

From kids we are asked and conditioned to respect elders. And we do it, most often with pleasure. But now I guess it is a time to think again about that lesson. Reason - the times have changed. This is kalikaalam, when even God will be struggled and Evil makes victory, however momentary it may be.

There was this old man, who is a Yoga teacher. He used to take class about life, its preciousness, how to live it completely, devoting oneself to good etc. When you become close to someone, we unknowingly shed the mask we wear. We forget to modulate the fake accent, talk without thinking about the image we have with the other person. Once this man made a rude comment about a girl I know, and recently he was 'treated' for an illicit relation he had with a lady who goes to his house for private Yoga sessions. I felt pity to myself to call him Guru...

Last  week I was travelling in Volvo, which is supposedly how gentlemen travel and there is no separate seats reserved for ladies in it too. I was sitting in a seat facing rear, and from Mayo Hall a lady boarded with her girl child. Girl child was sitting next to an uncle. He smiled, the baby too. Then he pinched her cheek, I was sure she didn't like it, but she was still smiling. Then he put his hand on her lap. But when he saw I was watching him, he took his hand off. If there is no bad intention, why should have he took his hands then... We should teach our kids, both boy and girl, what a bad touch is. And should teach them to raise alarm in such situation too. 

During my college time, we used to bunk classes to watch movies. One day there was this old man next to my friend. Oldy put his hands on my friends thighs, he asked him to take  it off, oldy did. It repeated twice and then my friend stood up and shouted to the oldy ' you moth^* fuc&^*, behave yourself, else I will chop your bal@$ off'. The oldy left the seat instantly. At times it is the only way to make them aware that they will not be respected always for their age. Speak up. I am sure there will be many incidents you are in or heard of like this.

Do you still say we should always respect our elders...

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  1. GOOD subject,m not beliving respecting age,respect always needs to give the right person.And also remember the quote "to give respect & take respect"