Friday, December 11, 2009

Love you my parents...

Last night I got a call from my friend to say that he had a baby girl.
He was so happy and excited and was talking a lot about it, most of it I didn't understand and was not really clear.
He felt like the happiest man at that moment.

Today my mentor came to office late and sad because Boo is not doing well.
She was falling ill often and he is very worried about the little girl.

This made me remember my own childhood ( of course as others told me, else how can i remember the things when I was only few months old ;) )
I was born weak.
And I spent lot of my baby days at hospital than at home !!
Those days my parents and granny who used to stay with us, all had sleepless nights and were ready to the visit to doctor.
They had struggled a lot to see me survived.
I know every parents does that...
I don't know how will I ever show them my gratitude..

Like my manager says, parents love kids not expecting them to love as they were loved, but to love their kids like same.
That make sense, a lot of it..

I love you dad and mom..
You are my most precious possession...

And I wish Boo a fast and complete recovery...
Get well soon Boo...


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