Monday, September 20, 2010

Being With Divinity

I like visiting temple, especially the ones which has the special aura of divine presence. In Bangalore, I like the Ayyappa Temple at Agara, Shiva Temple at the Old Airport Road, Anjaneya Temple at Marathahalli. To this added the Ganesha Temple at Malleshwaram.

Yesterday I been there, it was my second visit. The first one was too hurried and didn't made much of an impression other than it is a big crowded place. Yesterday, though it was Sunday, we had a calm darshanam and as were not at all in a hurry, had enough time to wait for our turn for pooja and to visit every prathishta at the campus. The poojaris there were special. They will wait for us, and for the ones who won't mind waiting, will do the pooja and give prasadam. The chief poojari or any of his assistance will wait for us to complete the long list of family for whom the archana has to be done and after the pooja, remembers to give the exact packet we give for pooja, I liked it.

The Ganesh vigraham made by flowers was special. A lot of creativity and patience goes into it. The elephant ears of Ganapathy is made by Anthuriam flowers, for example. Too bad, camera was banned there.

Make sure you got time to spend there. On the Malleshwaram main road take the 8th cross and take the left turn towards the temple. You can leave your bike on the parking lot in the main road, cars I am not sure where to park ! Visit there, you will also feel something magical about that place.


  1. one more ayyappa temple is located near by mahikkara,most of the malayalees visiting there & know as sabharimala at Karnataka,some words are written in malayalam in that temple

  2. Though the Ayyappan temple at Madiwala is famous with Malayalees, I like the pieceful atmosphere at the Agara temple. Temple we visit to be in peace with ourself, right. I list the temples where I get that feeling.

  3. yes correct,we are visiting temple due to peaceful atmosphere we are getting from there,but now the days only few temples we can visit with that aim.Hope u visited chottanikkara in kerala also.Its experience is more that different from all other temples.A lot of people came their for getting peace(they are not normal people & doing some poojas for getting peace )