Friday, September 24, 2010

Of Mobile And Dogs

There was a couple of news that gave a shock last week
1) Two students of Keralam lost their life crossing the railway gate. They were listening to songs in their mobile at high volume and didn't hear the train approaching.
2) A Mangalore boy was killed by stray dogs.

Both were sad and were avoidable. We hear it so often not to use mobile on roads or at least while cross the roads, but how much we care for it. We don't have proper footpaths where we can safely walk. And if it is there, two wheelers will use it as shortcut. So we are not safe in the footpath either. It is not only while we drive cellphoen bacomes villain. When we talk, and most often to our family or friends when we walk, we unkowingly will get so involved in the conversation that we forget we are on road. 
So please try to avoid cell on road, at least while you cross or when footpath is not there.

Stray dogs are more than menace. We don't need strays on road. KILL THEM. Human life is important. Forget all those PETA or Maneka Gandhi to be merciful to them. The government failed to keep their number in control. There are a lot of strays and their number is increasing day by day. Kill them to make our streets and kids safe.


  1. Subject is a crucial truth

  2. I completely agree with you, mobile phones whilst walking, driving, sleeping whatever it is, they're very risky whether it's the distraction they cause or the radiation from them!

    I hate to admit, i learned this the hard way, I was once lost in the city so rather than parking aside, I used my cellphone to get in touch with someone who knows the way and ended up..unfortunately in an accident, thankfully no one got hurt but those shivers taught me to keep the mobile phone away.

    It gets even harder with blackberries constantly beeping or ipods etc.
    So lower those tunes and watch the roads!

    Stray dogs!! ah, those should be put under control. Where I come from, dogs are not allowed to be set without restraints, thankfully!!

    Take all the care B!