Monday, September 27, 2010

Good-Bye V3i, Welcome W205 !

After 5 glorious years ( 3 with my sister and 2 with me ) of service my V3i passed away last Friday! Yes, I am talking about the mobile. Though a bit old for the current scene with phone, it satisfied all my needs and I didn't want to upgrade it, unless I really needed to do so. It was raining heavily in Bangalore, and though I was wearing my rain coat, I forgot to put the phone in the inside pocket and it was having a deadly swim! I realized it only when I reached room and though drenched, it allowed me to make the one last call and it went out. It never woke again :( So the rain made me part with a fortune, a fortune which was my V3i ! I don't think it was a happy death for it ;)

I need a phone to make calls (!) and texting only. I never use the camera in phone ( I prefer my CyberShot for clicks ), or the music player. But I need mp3 ringtone support. That's why I chose this Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson, W250. Lightly loaded and light on pocket too! Now time to build friendship with this.


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