Friday, October 22, 2010

Being Parents !

We owe parents. For the biological, emotional, ethical reasons. For the Love, values, education, support, guidance, vision they gave. Without them we will and can not be the us we are today.

When a kid is growing up, parents shape his world. Choose the right thing, making the right decision for him. Helping and supporting him to grow big, strong and more importantly right. But is it should be forever...

Why parents pretend like they know everything, they know the best for the kids and themselves ? Why do they not stop believing they know the best all the time... They can not be.

They always want to keep the kids healthy and are anxious about them , even when they turn 50! Meanwhile why they forget that they are human too and they can fall sick too ??? If the grown up kids suggests them to go for the regular checkups, or remind them to have their medicines on time, why they hesitate... Growing with the kids doesn't mean parents are as strong and healthy as they used to be when the kids born. Faster than the kids, they grow old. They should stop pretend that they are strong and immune to everything.

My friend needed to go to native early morning. Reason : his father ignoring all the warning signs and repeated requests of him and his sister's. Thank God, it was not any serious situation and he got discharged within 24 hours. But that was avoidable. Only if he, leaving his ego, went for the regular checkups and had his medicines properly.

Parents, we Love you. We are caring as much you did to us. We are worried about your health too. What we suggesting are not to label you sick or weak. You will never know the peace of mind, a 'Fit Like Rock' report card from doctor gives us, especially when we are working away from home.

We need you. Completely. 

Take care...


  1. "son you need to take care about you more than,you are faraway from us,still you are a kid,dont have that much maturity"
    If your dad read this surely he will tell like this with a pruod in his mind about their loving son.They are always like this,they dont have time to think about them self.They are working,thinking doing everything for their family.But sometimes in their elders someone forget to care them.Keep thinking & caring about them till the end of u.Really a touching post.Its refelcting a lovely son's worry about his parents.