Friday, March 5, 2010

I Am Special !!!

Don't get too excited. Everyone of us is special. Got something unique. This post is just one instance when this unique (dis)ability made my day...

It is simple - I can get lost in any road. Even the road I travel daily !!!

Today I needed to go to KR Puram to collect my camera, and though I been to the place a lot of times, I got lost, royally, twice on the same day...

The Bangalore Metro work is going on most part of the route and so I was a bit careful about the road I chose. I took MG Road, to Ulsoor, then Old Madras Road to KR Puram. I was ready to enter Old Madras Road, putting on the indicator and all ( because I used to go by that route daily for more than 6 months ), I saw the sign post saying for Ulsoor I needed to go straight... Thanking God and my fortune I went straight only to find that I was on the wrong way... Too bad it was a one way and I was royally stuck. Almost 15 minutes later and numerous short-cuts I managed to get to the desired route.

At KR Puram junction I needed to take right turn. So on reaching KR Puram, I was on the right track and was looking for the turn. And it was very late when I realised I was on the flyover... It took a good 2.5 kms to find the U-turn. And while coming back too, I was about to take the next flyover, being on right track, but despite the angry horns and howls of the following vehicles I manged to escape it.

I ride almost 40 minutes and 8 kms more. That too in the hot Bangalore sun. Even in my thin Kurta, I was sweating a lot. And my office schedules are so tight that I felt a bit guilty when I asked for the half an hour permission. But on the flip side, I ride the hanging flyover, which I always wanted to.

Majestic is nearly 5 kms from my office and around 15 minutes ride. But when I go there, I will take nearly an hour and will roam a good chunk of Bangalore. Everytime I promise myself to be careful and be on the right road, but somehow very naturally I will deviate from it.

Whats life without a little surprises... I am in for the game :)


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