Thursday, March 25, 2010

Self Made

This blog is dedicated to all who made their life themselves. Who can be called Self Made.

No, I am not among them. My life is gifted, every moment of it. From my birth, to my education everything was planned by my parents. And they were there to make sure that my every step is smooth.

I know a few people who made their life all by their own. My father is my favorite example, my hero. The family was mainly surviving on farming. He and his brothers needed to do the work at field before going to school. And the school was far and they needed to go on foot. Lazy to do the hardwork, all his brothers quit school to start business of their own. My dad must have felt bad to see them earning while he was studying. He went on to complete his diploma and joined government service too.

After a while I guess everybody recognised the value of the effort he made. Now after retiring he is leading a lazy life and he is getting a steady income by pension. ( I didn't like the idea because my parents, both are getting pension, and are not at all dependent on me. They proudly say that till the last day government will pay for their expense ).

I know a friend of mine who made her way up in life. Because of dad's income not sufficient for supporting family and ailing mother, she joined work early. Grabbed the first opportunity that came to her, not thinking about how to make a good career. Still, because of her hard work and dedication, she moved up in the career and now in a good post. That too supporting her father and family. I was so moved by her story that I started looking at my life seriously and trying to plan my days and life !!! I respect and thank her for that.

Recently I met someone who made his life. Though lost his parents at young age, he managed to complete his studies and joined a job. Now he is doing higher education part time. When talking to him, I was feeling very shaking. No I don't have any sympathy to him that he lost his parents. I feel sorry for that, but I was shaking because I was facing someone who is a winner in life. Though we can feel sorrow just skin deep when we meet him, he always keep a smile and his head high. I respect him for what he is. By choosing to live the life to be a winner, overcoming hurdles at every step, he proved his worth. May God bless him and shower blessings on him...

I am not feel like life was unfair to them or they were not lucky. Life wanted to trick with them, but they were smart enough to trick life back. Truly, we can say 'Hats off to you, guys'....


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