Friday, March 19, 2010

Love - As I See It...

Love should be
accepting each other with all flows
giving oneself completely to the other, no matter whatever the other does
not having any expectations from the other
continue loving even while the other is hurting or demoralising us...
Bullshit !!!

Being in Love, should never ever be anything like the conditions above. Love should be unconditional, I agree, but by taking the giant leap of Love, we of course are making some conditions. When we love anybody, without saying, we are expecting the other to understand us, be with us no matter what, be the pillar of strength, and most important understand us... So how can Love ever be unconditional...

We can not expect our partner to Love us the way we are. Being in Love itself means we both like each other. It should be that part of us we should nourish. It should not take the stand this is what I am, if you failed to see it in the first hand, it was your problem. Now you should Love me this way too. Totally wrong. We need to make each other adaptable. Should mend a bit to fit with each other. Not changing ourself should be the biggest mistake and the spoil sport. When you are ready to Love, love whole heatedly, by making all the necessary steps to make it work smooth.

Love always happen for a reason. Make sure that reason never dies.. If you can not see the friendly warm person you liked in the other, take a pause and get it corrected, you and other both.

All the best... Make your Love work always...

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