Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Shashtipoorthy My Dear Dad...

Today, August 4th, Achan turns 60. Man, that’s something. Living 60 gracious years. Still got so much life left. His energy and passion to do new things, update himself about everything he needs - he is my inspiration.

He is the reason for what I am now, not ignoring mom, still Achan is my hero. He taught me how to stand up for what I believe. He showed me I need to justify nobody but me. He showed me how to keep an attitude and be right at the same time. How to Love unconditionally, even when the other may not Love you back the way you expect. I can stand for my belief even if it is against the views of someone I care for, and can be still right. How to handle the storm within and be a rock others can lean on, spread joy and hope and strength the situation demands. I never seen him broken, though had reasons to be.

Dad, you gave me life. Taught me how to fight the good fight I believe in. I Love you.


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