Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Death !

Is there a thing like peaceful death... Will anybody die with the satisfaction of living the life full ? A painless, smooth, lucky (!) death...

These questions came to my mind when I heard about the sudden dismissal of my friend's grandpa. He was saying, grandpa didn't spend many days at hospital, he was not in pain, he met all this Loved ones the day of his death. Will that make it a lucky death ??? I don't think so.

In my opinion, nobody will leave this world happy, content. Including the ones who kill themselves. They are killing themselves not because they had everything is life and nothing more they need or expect from life. Mostly because they are not able to see a future the way they want or they don't have any more expectation in life, at least at that moment. So they are not dying happy either.

How can one leave this world happy... When there is something exciting happens everyday. A new member adding to the family. The happiness in seeing a new day itself. The celebrations or moment you were waiting for a long time. Happiness is never ending and more exciting each time. If you seen three generations after you, will you be content... You might want to see the baby from the third generation grow.. Or want to see the forth... You may call it greedy, but I will call it the way of life. Ever ready to embrace the new day. To enjoy the happiness and dreams it brings everyday.

My motto - Live this moment. There may be a hundred reason to feel tensed and sad now, but I will concentrate on that silly thing which will make me happy :D From within....

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  1. the reason he told u like that is he is making happy him self to think like this.And also death is not happy,the movement we know that we are going to death is most painful,especilly when everyone came to meet us and hearing abt leave the persons we love most is always painful