Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Make Our Own Paradise

നമ്മുക്ക് നാമേ പണിവതു നാകം, നരകവുമതു പോലെ

These two lines can be translated as ' We build our Heaven so do hell'. Well, I have another view about it. In my opinion, our heaven or hell, we SHOULD build it. Only then we will have have a content life and can say I am living my life.

I hate when some order me what to do, how to live etc. Others can suggest. They can disagree. Never ever can tell me how to. As long as nobody else can read my mind, decide my thoughts, set my goals/dreams, CAN BE ME, better leave my life to me.

When you say the restaurant / the food I had is of bad choice, especially when it is my regular place, you are forgetting one thing. I go there, I have it because I like it. You don't like it doesn't suggest nobody else should. I hate gopi dishes, but that's a fast moving item. I hate it doesn't make it bad. It is high time you need to appreciate and respect other's choices.

You can ask/order/suggest a kid on its every step. Me, better leave my life to me. Thank You.


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