Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop And Reflect

We are busy. Very busy. Neck deep in work, commitment. Engaged every moment. 24 hour is not enough. Dreams hijacked by work, maybe it’s coding, design whatever it is.

Well, one of my friends is hospitalised. Reason –I don’t know. But he is hospitalised. Though it may not be the best way, but he is getting a break !

I didn’t realise how fast I was moving my life till I was hospitalised. Was down with Typhoid for four weeks, of which two I spent in hospital. Too weak to move my body, let alone tension about work. It was like a compulsive break but it worked. It was then I realised the importance to slow down and give importance to life as much as to work.

Now, my life is better balanced. I am able to do better at work. Though still at times work eats into my dreams, it is far less frequent. I am happy. My boss is happy (?)

Stop and reflect your life. Do not wait for your chance to get hospitalised! Good Luck


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