Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Am Happy

For the last few days I am happy. Though nothing has changed in my life these days, the reason for my happiness is that the ones I care and Love are happy now. Guess the best way to be happy is to see the one we care for is happy. At least for me that work fine.

They are happy not because the reason for them being unhappy is no more there or they won a lottery or something. The reason is they got to see that there are a few reasons to be happy now, not only the reason to go sad. And I am happy because at lease to very some extend I was the reason for them to realise it.

Wish this happiness will last forever. Not just by changing the perspective, but with the real reasons to be happy. Till then, smile for the small reasons to be happy.

And remember your smile makes me happy, a joy nothing else can give...


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