Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Watch Your Step : You Might Have Missed A Happy Moment

We all look high. Only those flashy, mammoth, screaming things will get our attention. And most often what we find will be disturbing or annoying. We miss to see the little things in life. Which were always there, trying to get our attention with their little glow. But we are too over occupied with our worries and frustration that we miss happiness in smaal things.

These thoughts came to me when I had a close look at the coins in my wallet. I am sure you will also seen them. Pocketed them. And gave away. The only thing that might have grabbed your attention will be the digits on it which shows its value. Have you even stopped to notice the different pattern of the hand in them... I admit the photo is bad ( the flash was reflecting on the shiney surface, and without flash it was too difficult to see it. This picture is touched) but you can see the pattern there. Do you feel like appreciating the brilliance of the guy who designed it...

Like this, most of the happiness in our life is also goes unnoticed. The happiness hardly scream its presence. And we conviniently ignore them. Watch your step - stop to see and appreciate the happiness in your life. Enjoy the little moments and live life full.

I can do that. You also can. Good Luck.


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