Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Idiot Thoughts

I watched 3 Idiots on Sunday.
I know it was very late, but better be late than never, right :)
Was planning to watch Ishqiya, but when the vending lady asked me which movie, my tongue made it 3 Idiots !!!
And when I saw the ticket rate to be 240 instead of normal 180, I felt a chill.
A closer examination of the posters told me that 3 Idiots is about 50 minutes longer than Ishqiya, I guessed it is ok to pay more for more fun ( I was hoping and praying it should turn out fun ).
I guess, when my Jeeju told me that they are planning to watch that movie for the second time, it must been registered in my mind and it made the tongue said 3 Idiots.
I immediately send an sms to Jeeju saying if that movie disappoint me I will kill him !!!

I liked the movie from the first scene itself.
And it gave an idea of what lies ahead.
I loved every moment of the movie.

The best thing about the movie is that I loved watching the characters mouthing many of my views on life ( I know you won't believe me, so go check the posts in this label ).
Many things, which when I tell my peers or friends, will laugh out saying it is too impractical, was told in the movie and they used it effectively.
I am much a happier person by the end of movie.
It was good to find someone who thinks alike, who don't like company :)

And I send a second sms to Jeeju saying he is saved...


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