Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Is The Meaning Of My Life...

'There is no meaning of my life, I am just hanging on to it.
Live, for the sake of it, and I am tired of it...'

I am listening a lot to it these days.
And I am not able to ignore it.
Neither the people who tell me it, nor the reason / the very statement.

It made me think, what is the meaning of my life, if any.
The first thing that occurred to me was, do we really need to be an Ambani or Obama to make our lives count...
Then I thought about my parents.
Both lived ordinary lives, but they are loved by many.
Their friends and a lot of neighbours and fellow villagers think they are their role models.
They started their lives from a very humble beginning and today, at their retired life, they are considered winners and self-made.
So won't that be the meaning or purpose of their life...

And to me, I am working in just another MNC, earning and celebrating ( I love to call so ) life.
To my town, nation or mankind, I am not sure whether I am contributing anything.
But I love my life and enjoying it.
I am able to make someone smile every possible ways.
I know that I am not self-made, every day in my life was always gifted, error-proof.

So what exactly is the meaning to anybody's life..
Without we may even realising it, we might be touching somebody's life positively.
Somebody is happy and eager to be with us.
That makes our life worthwhile.
But if we can be the next Ambani or Obama, it is always welcome :)

1 comment:

  1. Very candid thoughts! Loved reading the post.

    I feel all our lives have a designated meaning or purpose. Sadly we don't realise it on the course because life itself is a crazy puzzle. We will be lost in the mad rush of figuring out the puzzle and will miss the plain / simple truth... It happens with all of us.

    But then..... there is always a winner in us who will find answers to questions like these, only when he / she looks for answers. How and when? Depends on the urgency of the search! :)

    May you be one of those winners of life! Good luck. And Keep writing!