Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Laughter The Biggest Lie ???

If it is not a baby, I guess it could be.
I believe in being happy all the time.
Any and every reasons which might make me feel and react the other way, I
forcefully and intentionally suppress it to make sure that the smile not leaving my
Why ????
Do I really need to make myself believe that I am always happy and smiling ???
Is it because I am too afraid to face the issues and difficulties ???
Too naive to realise situations ???
Or love the image of always happy guy ???

Not really.
I do understand the situations and problems around me.
But the moment I figure out ( sometimes too silly, but effective ) ways to
handle them, I leave the thought there and that moment.
I am not forgetting the issues, nor ignoring them.
I got a solution and I am just letting the solution to work.
I don't need to eagerly wait to see the issue disappears, I don't have to.
Because, taking every moment's progress with the solution is like living in the
issue and that will take away my chance to live in happiness.
Only if the solution didn't work in the first hand, I will come back to it and
then I will redefine it.
Then live back in the happy world.
Most ( almost all ) issues were solved like this.
Only at rare times I needed to go back to the same issues twice.

My mantra is, when I find a solution and expecting it to work, let it do it.
Not checking momentarily developments.
When the result comes ( most often you won't notice it, as the positive results
will not shout out ) and if it is not favorable, look for the plan B.
And never ever plan too ahead and look for any and every difficulty that may
If one ever comes, will prefer to face it and solve it.
That way I need to think and solve only a few problems.
And I don't need to have the answer to all problems too, do I ???

Still you think my smile is a lie...

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