Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making The Next Step

I am scared, very scared...
I can not stand here anymore.
I need to make the next step.
Why should I be scared about it...
That is because, though I know that the end result of it will be good, I am not
sure of the outcome.
There is a great chance that I will blow up what I got now, and may not gain
what I am planning to.
So, though it is not at all a solution, I need to choose what I got now.
Sounds great...
It is crap

How long I will wait here to overcome my fear to take the next step...
How long will I stand here hoping everything will be good and not do anything of
my own...
I need to take the step.
Even if I will doom.
And I am doing it right now.
Wish me Good Luck


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