Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What A Day !!!

Today was hectic. Literally. I needed to deliver something today and the day started with the memory of my manager in my head chanting why it is very necessary. Was planning the day in my head gazing at the empty ceiling. Thank God there was power when I woke up and I got ready in time, rather than waiting for the power, to heat the water.

When I reached the office, security stopped me from the basement parking siting some 'skidding leakage'. Upstairs I found that the AC is off because of 'something smelly' in the air. Was struggling to keep the heat off opening the windows.

Later found that diesel from the generator was leaked and that was the reason for skidding at the parking lot !!! Around 35 liters of diesel on the floor... And it was the smell of the diesel that made AC air smelly !!! Great day !!!

And when my mentor came in he was visibly shaken. He just taken an accident victim to the hospital. On the Indiranagar flyover, of the couple of ladies on scooter, the pillion fell and hurt her face and head. He stopped to get them to the hospital and get his shirt and car dirty. More than that, the wound and blood made him dizzy.

By evening read the news about the fire in Carlton Towers. May the souls rest in peace.

It could be our office on fire today.
I would have tweeted ' my office is on fire, pray for me !!'

Looking back, I am grateful to be alive. Thank you for all the Love and prayers you shower on me.


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