Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is My Seasonal Fear Over...!!!

Confused by the title ??? Don't be. From the day I started cycling my dad used to warn me about riding after the first rain. The road will be covered with oil, grease etc and that will cause skid after the first rain, especially if it is drizzling and not heavy to wash away them from road. I never cared about it till last year, when I learned the lesson hard.

This year from the day the weatherman was talking about the summer rains, I was scared that might happen again. Yesterday there was a little shower, but I was home before rain and was happy. But at morning I learned that the drizzle was very weak. So the real first rain may still has not come. Hope it will
happen this weekend when I will be at my native and by Monday all the grease will be washed away... :)

Yesterday I crossed Carlton Towers where the fire broke out on Tuesday. It looked like a war-front. Couple of stories, the smoke painted it black and the broken windows gave it a horrifying look. There was some VIPs visiting the place, and was crowded by media and policemen.

May all the soul rest in peace and no more such accident happen again.


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