Friday, March 13, 2009

The First Rain And The....

Yesterday evening was beautiful, well, that's what I thought. I started from the office and there comes the rain. First rain of the season and the year too and I was happy ( did I had a choice ??? ). Back in Kerala it was raining at many places, but in Irinjalakuda it happened only the next day I left. For the last few weeks it was very hot in Bangalore and yesterday I didn't take my jacket. So I was prepared to enjoy the rain and left my cell and watch in my bag and stared singing Celine Dion. ' Let the rain come down and wash away my tears...'

The road was full of action. Everybody was hurrying home, and two wheelers were particularly impatient and was trying to get ahead at all possible gap they get in the traffic. Everything was fine till the signal turned red. I heard a scratching sound ahead. The first bike there braked and skid, then the one behind it and it was like a chain reaction... Then the sound came too close.. I realised that I also applied brake and the next moment I was also in the middle of the road... I saw an auto nearing me and I waved both my hands to him. He managed to steer away. I pulled my bike up and parked it. Was trying to put my thoughts together... Then just 10 feet from me another guy fell. The Ikon behind him applied brake and it was also skidding.. He managed to stop but the Sumo behind him was not. It hit hard on Ikon... I realised things are not happening good and texted my roommate to drive slow.

Being the warrior and true hero I am, I started the bike. Moving forward I realised it was much complicated than I saw from the first place and more bikes and riders were on footpath, trying to fix the bike or themselves. ( that includes the gorgeous lady I saw at the signal. She was looking like an angel in that parrot green chudi. The guy must have ride the Pulsar safer, that her dress is completely stained in black greasy thing which was on the road, and was sitting lost in the footpath.. poor lady...). I was riding at 10 kmph and that also was a bit scary. All the motorists now forgot the rain and rush and were too slow for the empty road. I called my roomie to warn, in case he missed the SMS... He was reached home and was preparing dinner.. so sweet of him...

When reached home I was thanking God. Fall on that busy road could be fatal as there was every chance to ride over by another vehicle. And I had only two small patch works on my knee. The cream colour trouser was gone, but it was something I can loose. Though it was a birthday gift and it didn't even last an year...

Thanks mom and all others for the prayers.. See, I survived to write about it. I thought of a first rain blog when I started from office and it turned out to be the first accident in Bangalore... Hope the next post will be a happy one... :)


  1. "the gorgeous lady I saw at the signal. She was looking like an angel in that parrot green chudi" Really great man am proud of u!!!(Even u had only two small patch works on your knee with struggles you noticed Sweet Parrot).Swaami Saranam!!!

  2. point to be noted: ...Now we know why he fell down from the bike.You should not loose your concentration.So the Moral of the story is "Friends...I was riding safe(i believe) and got distracted(quite natural!!) looking at the gorgeous lady..." now its quite clear.Ride safe