Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Am Sorry, But You Are NOT Welcome...

How many times you found yourself in a horrible company when the other one is keep on asking questions you would not even discuss with friends... I hate when others cross the line and getting into the comfort zone. I respect my privacy. So much that I prefer not to start a conversion with strangers and even with the guys I meet everyday, I do have limits about the topics I discuss.

Two weeks back, on my way back to Bangalore this guy was my co seater. He started with the town I am coming from, then about the college I studied, then the year of pass out... I asked him to stop. He got the point and remain silent, but only for a moment. At last I was forced to tell him that he is not my friend and he can not expect me to talk open with him. That did the trick.

Why we are not at all bothered about others privacy... May not be your neighbour or friend or you may not even know his name, but if you meet someone twice, then he has the license to ask you all kind of weired questions. How old are you, where you work, how much you earn, are you married, if not, why so, if you are married, about kids, their schooling and all... They even want to know about each and everyone in your family and neighbourhood.. CRAP. How many times I needed to excuse from such 'respected elderly' people. If you answer them that it is none of your business ( of course in a gentle way ) you will be treated as a disgrace to family. And all the neighbourhood will mark you indecent. I won't give a FU@&.

So if you ever cross my way, please remember to talk decent. We can talk about movies, music. But never about ME, if you are not my friend. Guess you got the idea. Thank You...


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