Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Page In My Adventure Book !

What is fun in living a life well-defined. I prefer it spontaneous, exciting and fun. Full of twists, uncertainty about what might happen in the next minute - living on the edge!!!

I go home mostly twice in a month. It is like a routine. I just need to get into the reserved bus / train and wait for it to reach Bangalore. This weekend life had a different plan... Full of excitement and fun. Adventurous :)

It was Koodalmanikyam Ulsavam and I took Monday off. Because of the project schedules, I was not very sure whether I will be able to take the off, so I had ticket for both Sunday and Monday. When I was sure of the leave I cancelled Sunday's ticket.

The twist and excitement started on Monday evening. I checked the ticket and was ready to leave home to Thrissur to get the bus at 6:30 as it will take about an hour from Irinjalakuda to Thrissur. And the 7:30 bus will never come on time and mostly will be late by at least 45 minutes; I was not at all in a hurry. Just for the sake of it I checked the date and found that the ticket was for Sunday ! Though I cancelled the ticket, I took that ticket with me ! Immediately I checked the time of the Monday bus online and found that it had already left Thrissur at 6 :15. Ooopppss...

I called Kallada Irinjalakuda and knew that their bus had just left and they suggested catching the bus from Thrissur. Adrenaline rush ! I was on my way to Thrissur in no time. I had 30 minutes to reach Thrissur. Within 15 minutes it crossed half distance and I was confident that I will make it. Then the next twist and boost to the excitement - an accident happened and the road was blocked ! It took almost ten minutes for the bus to cross the spot and I was late for the Kallada.

I tried to get an auto but none of them was empty. It was a long time I ran in the roads of Thrissur, and I just had that experience again ! Thankfully, there was some issues they needed to sort out with the bookings and I was able to catch Kallada. The journey in cabin seat... But the first driver was particular that he can not sleep in the place in the cabin and he went inside to sleep on floor. Not wasting my opportunity I slept in cabin :)

Though most ( in fact all ) of the guys who heard this story blamed me for being careless. But was I ??? I know I spent 530 extra for the Kallada ticket. That, the 24th hour rush, jogging in the streets of Thrissur - that might have made them think so. But for me, I had fun. And it was worth every paisa I spent, well.. Almost.


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