Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When There Is No Fun In Life...

Have you ever felt like there is no fun in life and no point in looking forward for the tomorrow... I wish you never had. In case you ever felt that way, don't worry. It is just a passing phase and you will definitely pass it, fast. I am here giving you some tips to make the waiting period short and less paining.

1) Change your world. If you can - shift home, change job, keep away from bad influences ( in and out of work ), gossip group etc. If you can not, rearrange it. Like add music to work. Studies shows that if you listen to music on earphone, it will increase concentration, productivity, mood-lift. It will cut off unnecessary distractions like howls, shouts, laughs from near cubicles and calls for gossip. Give it a try.

2) Music always adds fun - But be careful about the music you choose. Being a metal fan, do not try raagas for the effect. In fact, metals can be a good tool for mood lift. Play it loud and sing louder. Studies shows that singing part will help you get out of the non-fun mood faster. You can try Eminem too. It will make you feel that your state is not as bad as his :)

3) Movie / TV show - It is a good idea. Studies shows that watching your favorite movie again will have a better impact than trying something new. Or shows like Tom N Jerry will also be a good idea.

4) Game - Gaming is a great idea. Especially because it will be in a complete different world. And in that virtual world, you always will be a winner. EVERY game is designed to make the player the winner. And you can choose your world there. Studies shows that being a winner and the omnipotent ruler / designer of
the ( virtual ) world, stress levels can be beaten and a new power, energy will fill you.

5) Try 'it' ( you know what ) - 'It' can help beat stress. If you are single, don't worry much. Let your fantasy flow. And be the Casanova ya Helen of Troy and let the others follow you. You are in total control of your world here too. So give it a shot or two, and let the happy hormones do their job.

6) Make a call - There is someone you can always bug. So make the call. Eat his / her head till your mood is lifted. The poor soul on the other end will play to your tunes and will make sure you hung up happier.

7) Books - Be sure that you want to do it ! Else books will make your situations worse ! Read what you like to read - even if it is not the first time read. Or have something filled with pictures you like to see, car, bikes film stars, babes...

8) Day dream - studies shows this could be the best tool to elate your mood. You can choose the role play where you will fight against the reasons for your boredom / frustration. And here again, you are in total control. You can shout at your boss and he will say sorry for whatever made you feel bad ! Sometimes this role play will give you some more insight and even solution to the problems. But make sure you are having a good dream and not nightmare !

So what are you waiting for. It is ok to be angry / down / frustrated. Find the reason for it and a plan to sort it out. Then leave the mood and continue with other good things in life. It is ok to be disturbed, but never ever should hang on to it. Find a way, make it work and then forget it. You don't need to follow it every moment.

PS : All the above mentioned studies are done by me on me. No guarantee. Results may vary from person to person. Following it, if you get screwed more, like you got fired for listening to music at work, all I will do is say sorry.


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