Monday, September 7, 2009

I Love The Way I Am

I was a lot confused about my feelings, life, priorities, attitude, laws of life, outlook, the way I live etc till a couple of days back.
I was wondering whatever I thought right way to live, interact, love is proving wrong.
Unconditionality is a curse.
Selflessness is the biggest mistake and foolishness.
Do what you can, not expecting anything in return is good only in books.
I can live the way I want, and I will see that the world around me will accept it for it's novelty.

Now I am in a state where I need to reiterate life.
But then, I realize that how I was living was the perfect way to live too.
If someone is not understanding it or not accepting it as it is, it is their problem.
They either fail short to accept the fact or too jealous that they can not live the way I do...
So I need not change myself.

Last week I received a very special mail from someone not that special and was told how much I meant and why.
When there are people who accepts me and loves me the way I am, why I should change or even think of changing..

So people THIS IS ME.
Accept me as I am.
If you can't, don't get jealous, but let me continue being myself.

Hhhmm... I am much more happier now :)

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  1. Some one not that special??????????????????????????????????