Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disconnectng.... in Progress....

Have you ever felt like being tied too much in relations...
I am feeling that now.
I guess I am being tied to a lot of poles than necessary.
Worst still, I am giving all the same care and passion.
I am not here to love, care, pamper everybody.
I want to be lovely only to those I feel like my dearest of souls...

I live in a dream world.
Though only a handful, I really cherish the ones with me.
And I want them to be so good and loving forever with me..
Of course, I am still in my dream world.
But the handful of people.. I think they outnumber the time or care I can give.. ;)
So I am in a process of disconnecting.
Only very few I would keep with me...
When it is a lot, it is difficult to keep the expectations and commitments.
So only those I can never part, will remain in my dream world.

I already removed a lot few friends from my Orkut list..
It is still in progress.
But that is not really what I meant by disconnecting.
It is much more than that...
Cause I don't want anymore shattering to my dream world.
I can not afford it...


  1. So, you are in the process of disconnecting! Hmmm... Here's my wish. May you never miss the chance to build a priceless relationship with every one whom you come across in your walks of life. May you always find the best of every one. Let love, happiness and fun stay with you forever.

  2. Hi Pushkala,
    Thanks for the comment.
    There was a time I get connected to everyone.
    But now it seems too distant of me.
    Priceless relations.. only with a few I already have, no more additions to it... :)