Monday, October 22, 2012

Me Too Is Smart Now... :)

When my favorite Motorazr took a dip and I need to buy my W205, I thought it will be an investment for life! Life, if defined in 14 months, I never knew! So I needed to hunt for a new phone...

Well, 205 was working almost fine till a couple of weeks back. Then it started ignoring my commands. It will show or rather light up its face, only when it feels right! And poor me was stuck without knowing who is calling, and other than my family, whose number I by-hearted, I was not able to call anybody else. Couple of times when I guessed, it connected to wrong persons.. poor me...

Worse was with the SMS. Just like only when I enter roaming network my old dear friends and all the sales persons decide to call me, when the display went down, SMS started to pour! The irritating thing was I was not able to do any money transfer or bill payment, because the bank will send the code in SMS!!! I was doomed.

I wanted to buy a phone the first day itself. But just like the new age car market, you will be confused to crazy stepping into a mobile store :o I decided I will first search the net and do some research before picking mine.

W205 I chose on my requirement. I needed a colour screen and mp3 ringtone. I didn't care about camera or resolution or connectivity. But it failed on me because it was too slow and hung too often ( for a limited option phone, it was disaster). So this time I didn't want to go for a budget phone. Though I liked a keypad, sliding scares me ( W205, I believe that is what failed it.. ) So with little research and input from my friends, who were already smart, I chose Sony Xperia Tipo. 

I liked it. The screen is good. Touch is responsive. Of course it is not as bright as the Xperia top ends with Bravia engine, but it is not bad. I like the idea of adding apps and games :) The first thing I did was installing Angry Birds!

Now me too is smart. I am enjoying the taste of Ice Cream Sandwitch :)

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