Thursday, July 12, 2012

Secret Rule Of Age!

I always enjoyed when someone tells me I don't look my age. Dress in shorts and  I will qualify for lower school! Not sure whether they tease me or jealous of me, I liked it. So when this fellow, a student, asked me 'Uncle, where is Central Mall' I was surprised. Do I look like an uncle was not my thought it was more like, is this guy blind! Anyway I gave him the direction and he happily said 'Thank you, uncle...'

In Keralam, to greet an unknown person, we generally use 'Chetta' ( elder brother ) or 'chechi' ( elder sister ) and it was always accepted. Most other places, uncle and auntie is the way to greet unknown and that was always accepted.

Until last week... I needed to ask my new neighbour about the visit from broadband company. And following the custom, I addressed her auntie. She smiled and gave me the information I wanted. I was happy to get a new acquittance. It lasted only few minutes. Till my wife with a big laugh announced that the neighbour was annoyed and conveyed in a 'strong' manner not to call her auntie! She told she might look like one and may have a kid going to school, but she in fact is lesser in age than me! I need to call her only by name! I don't know from where she found out my date of birth! 

Well, that taught me a lesson. Now, in order not to annoy anybody, I use 'excuse me..' It helps ;)


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