Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fluidic Overflow !

With the new Fluidic i20 released, Hyundai has upgraded their entire range of cars to fluidic design. It didn't impress me at all. 
The Fluidic concept itself, for me, was loud and cheap. Friends say, Fluidic Verna is the example of the beauty and aerodynamicity of the concept. Well, have you seen the arrow-shoot design Honda City ??? Though it was launched more than an year earlier, it look more fluidic to me! Any doubt ? See both cars side by side. While Verna try to shout out loud its dynamicity, City does that in style and awe... in my opinion, of course.

But that is not the thing that wondering me. Every Fluidic sibling ( from Eon ( the worst Fluidic model,  with thick and loud lines than it can carry on ) to the Sonata ) looks similar! I mean not only the Fluidic theme gets boring, how can they think a premium car owner like Sonata, likes to be compared ( even in look ) with an entry-level Eon ??? I won't. I would like to see the extra money I spent on premium car make it a different class. Well, one reason why Suzuki's Kisashi didn't work, as told, was the prospect premium buyer for a 20 lakh car didn't like to be served along side a 2 lakh car.

Having a theme is good. It defines the company - great. But I guess Hyundai is overdoing it. The double bean grill of BMW's or the crossed grill of Volvo, though are in every car, it was used more as a signature than the theme. Even the Toyoto line-up have things in common, like headlamp assembly or grille, but not two guys are made copy!

Or is it something like, if one design clicked, stick to it... Do not annoy the admirers!

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  1. With the new fluidic Elantra joined the line-up it became more obvious.. and more similar... Hhhmmm....