Thursday, June 28, 2012

When One Ceases To Be Special....

Bondings are for a lifetime - or that's what I hope and expect ( though I know I should not ). To avoid disappointment, I make bonding rare. Mingle with all, bond with few. I know that is a stupid policy and I might have missed many interesting people because of my inhibition. But, to me, that helped getting wounded lesser. Still I get hurt...

I value relations. I like living it. My Love and friends are dear to me. And so when it ends abruptly it hurts. Often wonder why did it happen... Did it get bored with time... Then, what is the 'life' of a relation ? 10 days, 6 months or is it 10 years... 

Whatever it is, it hurts to see I am not a priority to them. Not significant. Don't exist to them. Feels like all good times and laughs shared were fake...It is bad.

Still, I can not help bond. I will. Not for the ones who left me half way, but for the ones who are with me. 

I Love you...

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  1. Once, one of my friends told me..
    There are three types of friendships..

    F'ship for a reason
    F'ship for a season and
    F'ship for a life time...

    We are bound with relationships..after all we are social animals. I also know that not everyone treasure F'ship as much as i do.

    I get hurt in relationships. but I dont limit myself mingling with people too. My bestie says i X-ray the souls b4 making friends.. ha ha..

    So anyone get a chance to be in acquaintance with me. But a few precious ones get entry to the heart.
    You are in dear Friend!!