Sunday, April 8, 2012

Domestic Blues

Anybody remember my pre-marriage post Helping Husband ? If not click that link. Too bad for me, things didn't work out the way I expected it to be. My hope of giving 'oral support' and frequent compliment theory didn't work. It didn't back-fire, but my hope of lazy life after marriage simply didn't work :(

The first big task after marriage was setting up the house. Needed to arrange things to our 'taste'. Well, though I never found any difference if the TV is on the left or right side of the room, or if I keep my shoes on the first rows and hers down, according to my wife there is a science in the way of arranging things in house and keeping the mixer on top of oven is a definite no-no. That means most of the leave after marriage and a few weekends after rejoining job we spent arranging the house. Man, it was really demanding. And too bad I can not outsource it, because my wife had a mental picture of every single piece in her mind, which I didn't understand and I am sure nobody other than her will do either. So I was helping her clean and arrange things. Oral help didn't do, because there was a lot of 'muscular things' like lifting the furniture around and keep the boxes on the top slabs, she can not do. Hhhmmm...

We were so busy every weekend that it took 3 months for us to visit our favorite coffee shop after marriage. Which we were planning from the return trip to Bangalore. Fine.

We had a rule from day one - we will prepare all meals and pack lunch to work. That means, weekdays we were busy at work and once reached home, will be busy cutting vegetables for the next day! Morning, got to get up early to cook. The weekends busy cleaning house, laundry, vegetable and grocery shopping and what not. And to get these things done, I need to dirty my hands and muscles. No lip service will do :( Thus our daily time for ourselves is so reduced. My friend says I am lucky for that, because his non-working wife will prepare every day a list of things they should buy / do / go by the time he reaches home and will pursue him to get them done! I am, thank God, is away from it.

Our life after marriage made me appreciate my parents more. Achan always helped mom, so that she can catch her 8:30 bus, missing which will make her late to school. Running home and taking care of two kids and make sure she is on time to work... that is really demanding. Day after day. ( today happened to be their 33rd wedding anniversary :) ) 

Well, keeping the chore part apart, there are a lot more to marriage. Which make me content and feel lucky. But the helping husband dream - I learned to live without it ;)

Disclaimer : Every character in this post, including mine is fiction.

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  1. mm Good going. this will make you a complete man. I hope !!!!!!!!!