Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Like To Write ....

I remember Amma bringing books for me when I was a kid. My favorite was '101 Short Stories For Children'. I used to like the story of 3 piglets, though I don't remember the story now! The stories and the world it opened made me admire the story tellers - but being one was never in my dreams ( not even now, because the imagination to create stories out of nowhere is not in me, all I can do is narrating the things I already know ).

I also remember writing some stories and poems which I never shown to anybody. In high school I even participated in the story writing competition once, for which I didn’t get even any feedback. I think it was so hideous ;) After that anything remotely concerned with writing happened when I joined Engineering. I wrote the anonymous letters for few friends. May be the recipients liked them, that I got that assignment again :) But that was more like putting their feeling in my language. I still was not creating anything mine.

After college I eventually landed in job and writing was limited to the emails and status updates! Though I extensively read during those times, never thought about writing. Then one day I read about blogging. And visited few. Those times blogging was something like an online diary shared with the world. Just before my birthday April 5th of 2008 I posted my first blog post, about my first experience ;) That weekend I boasted to my friends about my 'accomplishment'. When I was explaining them what blogs are, they laughed at me and told a lot about it, of which I didn't have a clue! And they suggested a handful of wonderful blogs, including in Malayalam. Thank God, none of them were writers, they were only readers! So at least I had a frail reason to feel superior! 

The world of Malayalam blogs was different. They had stories, current affair discussions, memoires and all in that world. Which made me write in Malayalam, and this time instead of my 'thoughts' I told a real life incident like a story. Many, including the real life character who inspired the story liked it and their encouragement made me write more ( though I been a bit dormant there, I promise I will return soon, I can not abandon you :) ) And in time, I had few more blogs for the songs, movies, books and prayers I like and the photos I clicked. Few of them I got friends to contribute too. Blogosphere opened a new world to me. I got positive criticism and encouragement from a few wonderful people, people who will say more than 'it was a good story' and bothered to send me long mail about writing. It got me a few 'virtual' friends, who are with me through my ups and downs like any 'real' friend. What more, I even got one publisher told me, they will publish any book I might write! Reading my cyber friend story, when you said I should write a novel or a movie, I was thrilled! To be told I got that thing which makes a writer! But may be that expectations never give me enough courage to write one more story in English!

I like it when I get a new comment, a follower or one more like in the blog Facebook page. That gives me a feeling like I also can write something which people like. Now I am dreaming of writing a book. Or may be story for a movie... Don't know, but I do hope it will happen... With the faith and encouragement you showed me all these times, I am sure, soon it will come true... Now my wife also share the dream of me writing a book ... She always supported my silly ideas and even shares the joy of doing song blog, well she was the reason for me to start it too :)

Thank you all beautiful people out there, who found time for my posts and encouraged me through comments or likes... It’s you who made me…


  1. beautiful, your lines always have charm in them, there's always a hidden delight awaiting to be read and pondered upon, I very much enjoy reading your thoughts. I hope you write a book one day, I'd be the first to read and review, and 5 star you on goodreads ;-)!

    1. Thank you sweetie... I hardly meant anything hidden in the lines though !

      May be all these 5 star expectation hinders me from writing ;) You see, my fans will accept nothing less than a classic :D