Friday, August 12, 2011

The Birdie’s Day Out

Our house is not our house alone ! Many ‘wild’ animals have made it their own at different points of time. I am not referring to the not so rare visits of venomous snakes or monitor lizards or marappatty ( I don’t know their English name). It is about the animals and birds who chosen our house to be their delivery home ! Few years back a mongoose couple had their litter in our firewood shed. We didn’t disturb them. Whenever amma needs any firewood from there, they will make some frightening noise, but never attacked. So we lived in an agreement of not hurt the other and they left once the babies were big enough to be their own.

The latest of them to made our home nursery is a honey eating ( drinking ) sparrow ( Thenkuruvi in Malayalam ). It is no the first time one of them came here, but this time, they made a mistake. They didn’t make the house in the shade and this year it was heavy rain. The nest didn’t handle the heavy rain last week and fell on ground, along with two babies. Luckily when amma found them the next day, both were alive.

Amma made them a make-shift home, and hung them near to the original nest. Thank God, the parents found them and are taking care of the babies now. Waiting for the day they become big and leave the nest. And do hope they too will fly back here, to make their nest too…


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