Sunday, September 4, 2011

When Shouting Becomes The Order Of The Day

Bangalore, the garden city, silicon valley of India, blah blah blah. But for me Bangalore has one more identity, which is on face - The Shouting City. The vehicles, people, the machinery's all around, everything is shouting here, most of them for no reason...

Last night I needed to book a cab from work to home, so does one of my colleague. We both were staying in different part of the city and we ordered two cabs ( naturally ! ). The cab fellow promised cab within an hour. Then, just ten minutes before the hour, he calls us to club the cab ! It was raining and he wanted to use the other cab for another customer. I tried to reason with him, saying we stay apart and all. But no use. Then I shouted at him. Though I am not a master of that art, it was the need of the hour. Then suddenly he agreed for two cabs and within 10 mins.

Feeling angry I returned to my seat. Then the driver shown up. He said he will go only to the other route and can not drop me. I told him that the guy is busy eating and he will take the other cab, but no use. Then I used the art again - shouted at him. In no time, he agreed with me and dropped me.

Crap. But true. If someone hits your vehicle or you hit the other, you got to shout first in this city. And if you shout in the local language, the better. If you ever try to reason, then you are in for a toss. 

One good thing is I don't need to do it in Keralam. There people are not scared or indifferent with others, at least yet...

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  1. hm..if u shout there.every tom dik and harry will join in some union name to take ur pulp.gods own country.devils own people