Sunday, July 10, 2011

Being Invisible In The Crowd

I got one more reason to like my trips home. Incidentally it is in these trips I am getting most ideas for posts! Last trip also gave me idea for a post.

I reached the stop much earlier, or was it my bus late once again... As the only few seat at the stop is taken, I went to the lower compound wall of the Tata showroom and sit in the shade of a tree. I checked for any crows above, and found only a few kites flying high. I need to be careful not to be the potty for a crow. Incidentally in Bangalore crows are very less. And it makes the cry of the crow back home nostalgic ! The place where I sat was very low. Which I would have not considered any other day, thinking it is dirty. But today I need a place to sit and this serves that purpose. And the best part is, the lower stance give me a totally new perspective ! And I liked it, the new view. I was sitting in the middle of crazily busy street with people rushing all around me. Still, nobody gave me a second look. Nobody cared for my presence. It was like I was ceased to exist. I became invisible. And I started looking at the world around me, as I was watching a movie on a screen...

I saw a beggar giving final touches to his broken leg make-up. Kids made to dress like adults. Most of the people and lost either in a cell conversation or music. One lady was talking to the phone and with the other hand closed the free ear, may be to ensure the golden words not escaping through it... People chewing pan and spitting everywhere. ( may be where I sat too, but the rain last night should have washed it away, I don't want to think about it ). There were two kids trying to cross the busy road, but was too afraid that they take two steps back for every one forward. All kind of vehicles. Cars of every make. Trailers with many tires. One car being towed away. The time was flying, but I was lost in the interesting drama on my screen.

More people joined me in the wall. Most of them were checking watch every minute and cursing for the late bus. And then I spotted my bus on the screen. Time to end the show. I left my comfortable seat and joined the crowd. To be the part of show someone else is watching...


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