Saturday, May 21, 2011

When Faith Becomes Blind

Disclaimer : I am not against faith in God. I am a believer myself. This post is against the people who misuses faith.

Faith can move mountains. Faith can strengthen you from within. Faith can heal you. Faith can make you a millionaire, if you use it wisely !

You read it right. In my opinion, investing in faith is a sure return. People are more educated now, and so is their superstitions. The rocket scientist, who design the satellite to predict weather, offers the replica of the rocket to God, just to make sure his mission will be a success. And for the temple guys, it is just another testimony of the power of the God.

My point is something different. These days, the number of new temples and the rush there should make us stop and think for a minute, do we need this ? The Gods, poojas that we did till today is not enough ? Do we need to go for that expensive pooja, idols, or visit to the far away sacred place ( most of them are new found too ) ???

Some time back there was a news about two guys beaten wife of one for refusing to sleep with the other. Incidentally, that guy after failure in many businesses started a temple and that poojari life was very successful. Was shocked to see the truth about the poojari. He was incidentally from Bangalore.
Is there any way we can check the credibility of temples or poojaries...

I used to go to the Shiva temple near Kemp Fort in Bangalore. I like the aura of that place. Peaceful and pleasant. But last week when I go there, it was all changed, but not for good. They blocked the regular way and made everyone go through the 'special' paid way. Wish faith was not a business...

These things will not and can not make me stop visiting temples or respecting the poojaris. The few places where I always feel God, and is not business. We badly need a governing body to keep a track of the institutions who taps people's faith. Hope it will happen soon. Till then we will guard our faith, ourselves.


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